Academic Policy

This Academic Conduct Policy applies to One College which is a registered business name of the Registered Training Organisation (“RTO”) Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd ABN 57 094 224 076 (TGA# 91054).


The purpose of this Academic Conduct Policy is to provide the principles One College expect from One College students during the course of their education. This Policy will define the terms ‘Plagiarism’ and ‘Cheating’ and will aim to encourage a certain level of ethical behaviour from students.

Student Undertakings

Students studying with One College undertake not to cheat or plagiarise any materials or assessments in accordance with the below definitions.

During the course of assessments, students undertake to reference any material they have directly sourced, through appropriate referencing.

Procedure for Investigating Plagiarism and Cheating

If a trainer or assessor suspects a student has engaged in Cheating or Plagiarism, it will be reported to the appropriate faculty head with all supporting documentation and evidence. The head of faculty will then investigate the extend of the plagiarism/cheating, the student’s history relating to plagiarism/cheating and any mitigating actors.

The outcome of the investigation will be provided to the student upon completion. The student will then have 10 business days to respond to the allegations in writing.

Determinations as to the penalties imposed on the student will be decided on a case by cases basis and range from repeating the module coursework to suspension from the course. It may result in either failure of the assessment/subject, or if it is a repeated offence, exclusion from the training program.


Plagiarism – Plagiarism is the practice of using someone else’s thoughts, ideas, work or opinions and passing them off as being your own, without properly referencing the material and indicating the source of the original intellectual property.

Plagiarism can include:

  • Copying someone else’s assignment

  • Using information which another participant has collected without acknowledging it

  • Copying from a textbook without using an appropriate form of referencing

  • Using the ideas or research which you have found in a textbook without referencing, even if you have written those ideas or research findings into your own words

Whenever you use the thoughts, ideas, research finding or words of someone else, you must show where those thoughts, ideas, research finding or words come from including from the internet.

Cheating – Cheating is the intentional deception or misleading conduct used to unfairly gain a personal advantage.