Student Agreement

Student Agreement and Terms & Conditions of enrolment

This Student Agreement and Terms and Conditions of Enrolment (“Agreement”) represents the agreement between Tactical Training Group Pty Ltd ABN 57 094 224 076 (RTO ID # 91054) which owns and operates an online educational division called One College (“One College”) and the student.

    Signing of Agreement

  1. This Agreement will come into effect between One College and the student on the date of enrolment, being the date the student signs this Agreement, in accordance with Clause 2.

  2. Signing of this Agreement is defined to have occurred on the earlier of when:

    1. the student signs the Enrolment Form; or
    2. the student clicks the “Accept Terms and Conditions” box on the enrolment webpage.

  3. In the case of electronic signing of this Agreement pursuant to Clause 2.2 above, the student agrees to One College recording the student’s applicable IP address as proof of Agreement execution.
  4. The student will be provided with a copy of this Agreement in their Welcome to One College confirmation email/package.

  5. Upon signing this Agreement the student confirms they are over the age of 18 years.

    If the student is less than 18 years of age, a parent or guardian of the student must advise One College in writing, of their permission for the student to undertake the course. In this event, the parent or guardian is responsible for payment of the course.

  6. Length of Agreement

  7. This agreement covers the entire period of the course the student is undertaking.

    This agreement extends to cover the student in the event of course cancellation under Clauses 31 - 33 and until all relevant course fees are paid.

  8. By signing the Agreement in accordance with Clauses 2 and 3 above, the Student agrees to all the terms in this Agreement.

  9. Student Obligations

  10. Upon signing this Agreement the student agrees:

    1. to comply with One College Terms and Conditions as set out in this Agreement, in their entirety;

    2. to comply with the Academic Conduct Policy as published on the One College website;

    3. that they agree with the terms set out in the Privacy Policy as published on the

      One College website;

    4. that they agree with any terms and conditions set out in the Student Handbook as published on the One College website;

    5. that they meet all enrolment requirements of their course upon enrolling and

      signing this Agreement;

    6. that it is their responsibility to retain copies of all assessments submitted to One College;

    7. that they will ensure all information provided to One College is accurate and up to date at all times and that they are responsible to update personal information in the event of a change to this information;

    8. to pay all fees applicable to their course plus GST (if applicable) as per Clauses 35 - 36; and

    9. to the fee schedule as published on the One College website.

  11. Partner Courses

  12. One College may deliver courses in partnership with another Registered Training Organisations (“RTO”). In this case, the student is bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  13. Delivery of Courses

  14. One College offers and provides online education in a variety of courses. All courses are delivered in online and electronic formats.

  15. Upon signing this Agreement and provided the student does not breach any of the One College terms and conditions in this Agreement and referenced policies, One College agrees to the following for the duration of course enrolment:

    1. supply the student with access to course materials and assessments for the qualification;

    2. grade assessments and return marks to students; and

    3. provide the student with administrative support and assistance.

  16. Students are responsible to do the necessary course work to complete the various modules.

  17. Students acknowledge they will have access to a computer or other internet capable device, as well as the internet, to access the online education course and by signing this Agreement, acknowledge this student requirement.

  18. One College Course Materials and Assessments

  19. The course materials provided online in all qualifications are owned by One College and are not to be copied or replicated without prior written consent

  20. Students are able to purchase a printed copy of course materials for their personal use to assist with their studies. In this case, hard copies of the course materials are bound by the conditions of Clause 14 above.

  21. Completing Your Qualification

  22. The student is taken to have successfully completed their qualification with One College when the trainer/assessor marks all Units of Competency as competent, that is, that the student has completed the course requirements competently.

  23. The student must complete all Units of Competency within the maximum time period for their qualification. The information relating to this maximum time period can be found on the One College website.

  24. Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be issued with the appropriate completion certificate for their course.

  25. Course Extension

  26. If the student does not complete all Units of Competency within the maximum time period they may apply to One College in writing for an extension of their course.

  27. Course extensions are granted at the sole discretion of One College.

  28. Course extensions are subject to course extension fees which are outlined in the fee schedule as published on the One College website.

  29. Course Deferment

  30. Students may request a course deferment from One College in writing at any time during their enrolment period.

  31. Course deferrals may be granted for a period of no more than 3 months, effectively adding 3 months to the maximum period time for course completion.

  32. Granting of course deferrals are at the sole discretion of One College.

  33. Students will still be liable to pay all course fees under this Agreement even though they have deferred their course.

  34. Course Transfer

  35. If student wishes to transfer from One College course to another, they must submit their request in writing to One College.

  36. Course transfers can only occur within 2 months of the signing of this Agreement and are subject to transfer fees as outlined in the fee schedule as published on the One College website.

  37. The granting of course transfers are at the full discretion of One College. If One College does not grant the requested course transfer, the student must continue the course they are currently enrolled in as per the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  38. If the course transfer is successfully granted by One College, the student will be liable to pay the difference between the two courses.

  39. There will be no refunds for course fees already paid upon the student transferring courses.

  40. Cancellation Policy

  41. If a student wishes to terminate their course before completion they must inform One College in writing.

  42. If the student has paid the full course fee upfront, they will be entitled to a refund of the course fee less an administration fee of $300, provided One College receives this cancellation request within the Refund Period.

  43. If the student has elected to pay the course by direct debit/recurring payments, One College will cancel their direct debit, not refunding any monies paid by direct debit before the course cancellation, including the course deposit, provided One College receives this cancellation request within the Refund Period.

  44. Refund Policy

  45. The Refund Period is defined to be five (5) calendar days from the Agreement Date which is defined as the signing date set out in Clause 2. The first date of the Refund Period is the calendar day after the Agreement Date.

  46. Payment of Course Fees

  47. Upon signing this Agreement the student agrees to the following conditions regarding payment of course fees:

    1. the student agrees to pay the entire cost of their course unless they cancel the enrolment in accordance with Clauses 31 - 33 above;

    2. if the student does not cancel their course enrolment within the Refund Period and in accordance with the Cancellation Policy, the student must pay the entirety of the course fees;

    3. if the student is paying by direct debit/recurring payments, the student acknowledges that they will continue the direct debit to One College for the duration of their enrolment;

    4. if the student is paying by direct debit/recurring payments, the student acknowledges the additional fees applicable as set out in the fee schedule as published on the One College website.

  48. If the student does not adhere to any of these conditions set out in this Agreement, including the Payment of Course Fees Clause 35, then One College has the right to restrict access to the course, withhold the provision of materials and/or withhold assessment marks and completion certificates.